My opinion in Greek sports

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What i think of Greek sports

I like how Greek sports are very similar to the sports over here for example track does all the things they did in their games back then like running, jumping, throwing, sprints. The one thing i disagree with and dislike is how Geek people had different ideas of what type/kind of people should play the game. They thought that women really couldn't play they saw them as irrational and not good enough for the gods. They wanted the gods to love them so they would think by having strong fit men would make them happy. Back them looks matter in order to play sports not only that but you had to be rich and after the games everyone who played were to become soldiers. those things i didn't like imagine if it was like that in this time. SO no women could play a sport and only strong fit rich boys could play a sport and after that those rich boys were sent of somewhere to become soldiers.

Nadia Torres

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 9pm

Denton, TX, United States

Denton, TX

This article is about my opinion in Greek sports