Classroom Rules

Mrs. Hoefle's English

#1 Operate with a high level of personal accountability

What is personal accountability? It is being your own advocate. Take responsibility for yourself (work, actions, words, & learning). You are the main driving force in your education— don't make excuses, make changes.

#2 Be kind in your words & actions

It simply means be kind. Think before you speak & act. What you do & say will make an impact on someone else, for better or worse.

#3 Communicate

SPEAK UP! If you need help, say something. I can't read minds (& I don't want to know what you have roaming around in there anyway). If you do not understand or need help, speak up!

#4 Be prepared.

This means two things:

1. Be in your seat when the bells rings.

2. Have the appropriate materials ready (including completed homework).


Use your brains!! You have opinions, thoughts, beliefs, & wisdom of your own. Stop & really think about what we discuss in class. What do it mean for you? Do you agree? How can you use it? What do you already know that connects you to what we cover in class?