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Issue 27 - 27th March 2020

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E-Learning, Excellent Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Firstly, I hope that you and your families are well during this difficult period, as you are aware, the wellbeing of our community is of utmost importance, and again, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful support during this time to further safeguard the health of the community.

This week, the Section has been fully engaged in ensuring that learning continues to flourish, albeit, utilising technology as a vehicle to drive this. Teachers have continued to push the boundaries of providing excellent on-line content, also focusing on providing opportunities away from the screen, to ensure that a healthy balance between screen time and further creativity can occur. Also, during this week, I have had the opportunity to venture into some of these virtual classroom environments, where I have witnessed excellent participation of students. Seeing students log into registration each day from 8am - some in uniform, further shows the support, and how much students and families within the BPS value the power of education.

To ensure that students and parents are well supported during this period, I would like to especially thank the TES Library Service for continuing to give opportunity for the community to collect and exchange books. Information for next week regarding this will be outlined below, however the team have ensured that this is done in a safe and secure way to support our learners, whilst maintaining all necessary safety requirements during this time. Additionally, I would also like to thank Frank, Water and Craig in continuing to support the community with digital access. We have had many families securing additional devices to support home learning, which has been greatly appreciated by our community.

Finally, I would like to again thank the entire community for the support, and wish you a happy, but most importantly, health weekend!

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

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Spotlight on Chinese Enrichment in Reception - by Ms Gillian Smith

Meet Ms. Wen Chou, our Reception Chinese Enrichment Teacher. This position was introduced at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, with the aim of developing our students’ Chinese language in a more developmentally appropriate way.

The Chinese Enhancement lessons mirror the learning intentions taught in English so that the children can make links across their learning. In Reception, both languages (Chinese and English) nurture each other, allowing children to access both languages.

Through songs, rhymes, stories, games and meaningful interactions with the children, the new Language Enrichment Program is bringing in-depth Chinese learning to our Reception children. The total time of Chinese lessons is the same as in previous years, but far richer in context!

Reflecting the chord structure to the instrument playing by Ms Edith Kao

Our Year 4 students have been assigned to work on Identifying the primary position on C and F chords on the keyboard and staff in the Year Four Music Google Classroom. Students are inspired to reflect on their understanding of the chord structure to their familiar instruments.

We love to see our students continue their passion and curiosity in Music using their creative talents. Our weekly Friday Music Corner may not be held in school atrium for the moment so we are sharing some home performances to motivate our community to keep practicing.

TES E Learning Music

British Primary Home Workout Challenge by Mr Peter Poulton

It is vital that students stay active and exercise during this period of school closure. Sometimes this can be difficult when at home and so the PE department have been setting the KS2 students exercise challenges in the form of a home workout. The latest challenge incorporates the trainers from Dynasty Gym Taipei.

The children have been updating their personal best scores onto google classroom, but I would also like to encourage parents to have a go at this challenge. It is so important that we all stay active!
BPS Home Workout Challenge
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Online Safety

During this period, children will be required to utilise various digital platforms to support learning. The British Primary Section has ensured that all software elicits a safe environment for this to occur, however, if possible, we do suggest from time to time to monitor your children when online, as once outside the prepared learning environment, children can access a wide variety of content online, some which may not be suitable.

Device Loans

We are proud to be able to support families with technology during this period, however, with over 70 ipads and laptops currently on loan, we are now at full capacity, and have no further loan devices available.

ILRs are open!

Following our message last week we would like to remind you that your child's Individual Learning Records are now available through TESmile.

Should you have any difficulties in retrieving these please feel free to contact your class teacher.

Library Time

The outdoor library has gone well so far. Next week we'll be moving to afternoon times to give parents who can't come in the morning a chance to come and borrow some books. We'll be outside everyday (Monday-Wednesday) from 2pm - 4pm, except if it's raining.