Friday Focus

January 23, 2015


In the four pillars of our vision statement, we say that we want to be excellent in everything we do. (In fact, it's the first of the four pillars!)

This quest to be excellent is a 24/7/365 obligation. It's about everyone at Norfolk Catholic making an uncompromising effort to become the best they can be in a team or group setting AND as individuals. How we live out our faith, how we teach and learn, and how we conduct ourselves in the classrooms, hallways, athletic fields and outside the building are all indicators of how our quest for excellence is progressing.

This quest for excellence starts with me. I am accountable, but for NC and our students to reach our highest level of success, it demands buy-in from every member of the NC community--faculty, support staff, students, parents/families, alumni, and other stakeholders. We all have a part to play in making this a school of excellence and to help us grow to even greater heights in future years.

Our quest for excellence doesn't mean we are without fault. I think we've had a very good first semester, and a very good start to the second. But mistakes have been made. Whether the mistake was mine or a staff member's, or a student's, it is expected that learning took place and that better decisions and choices will be made in the future.

The journey from good to great is not a long one, but it takes all of us! We have to all be on the same bus, headed in the same direction. I look forward to being on the bus with you and moving toward excellence.

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House of Xavier reminder

Today, Leisa Piper and I would like to meet with all students and faculty in the House of Xavier during Homeroom. Please bring your students to the gym after 2nd period.

Partnering with local colleges

Lindsey Knutson and I met wtih Makayla Williams from NECC on Thursday to begin a conversation about how the college and NC can work together in a partnership. We will meet with the Deans at Wayne State College next week and are working on setting up a meeting with Creighton University officials.

To start with, we are going to develop a "wish list" of what we want from NECC. For example, do we have HS students who'd like to take a CNA (Certified Nurse's Aide) class? What about nursing students coming to NC to give mini-lessons on hand washing, nutrition, or possible health careers to our elementary students? Maybe our A & P students could partner with a class out there a couple of times a semester. I know NECC has a terrific audio/video/broadcasting/communications department; how could we use them to our advantage? I'd love to get into Technical Science or Computer-Assisted Drafting.

If you have any idea about how we could utilize NECC, WSC or Creighton, please let me know. It could be a situation where we visit their campus, or they come to ours. It could be a one-day thing during the semester, or something weekly or something 3-4 days in a row. NECC is excited to work with us. What do we want from them?

Tweet of the Week

Craig Badura is a teacher in Aurora, NE and a great Twitter follow! He has a series of "Learn it in 3 with me" videos to view and learn from.

This one is on TweetDeck and how to use it to schedule tweets. I love TweetDeck as it organizes EVERYTHING I want to follow on Twitter into easy to use columns.

Learn It in 3 With Me-Tweetdeck

Video of the Week

Here's Kid President's latest video!

My takeaways from this 3 minute video:

1. There's the way things are.

2. There's the way things could be.

3. There's you.

4. Where do you go now?

A Letter to the Future From Kid President