Competitive Commercial Activities

By Owen Gould


Tendering is typically known to make offers or bids which are expressed in a document that summarises the offer in which they are making to other businesses. This means tendering is a motion that expresses interests in something that meets their needs to improve their own company or it could provide you a better value of money. If you wanted to increase improvements in an organisation, tendering is the solution due to meeting what the requesting organisation's needs are. What is meant by this is a request for tender is like structured invitation or a formal document for suppliers to make an offer to a company that provides products. Tendering is when an organisation proposes to supply goods and services.


Contracting is based on two organisations agreeing a contract with another company that is going to supply you with the services. Contracting is the Procurement or buying side where as tendering is the supplying side. Contracting consists of two organisations negotiating on the contracts they will agree with the others company.