6th Grade Tiger Newsletter



If your student is interested in the WORLDSTRIDES trip to Florida in the summer of 2018, please contact Ms. Jasper for more information.

The last day to sign up and get to pay the discounted price is Tuesday, April 18.


Tiger Teacher Topics of the Week

Mrs. Jester's Math

I just want all parents to know that I am very proud of the effort that all my students displayed during the math portion of the OSTP.

However, it is back to the Pre-Algebra curriculum for the 6th grade Pre-AP Pre-Algebra students. On Monday and Tuesday in Pre-AP Pre-Algebra, we will be reviewing radicals and the Pythagorean Theorem. These students will have a quiz over this material on Wednesday.

Sixth grade math students will be exploring different number systems this week. They will be investigating the Egyptian number system and the Roman number system Monday through Wednesday this week.

In preparation for our field trip to the Dodgers' game next week,Thursdayand Friday this week, all of Mrs. Jester's math students will be seeing how math is used in baseball by analyzing statistical information as it relates to a baseball game.

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Mrs. Turnbow's Math

Mrs. Turnbow's students will be learning about the statistics of baseball which will lead us to evaluate and analyze the upcoming Dodgers rosters for next Tuesday's game!

Ms. Jasper's Science

This week we will begin chapter 7 lesson 3. We will be discussing energy and its movement in ecosystems.

Ms. Clark's Science

What is the difference between a food web and food chain? Students in Ms. Clark's science class will be comparing and contrasting each concept. Additionally, students will take a look at essential cycles here on Earth: Nitrogen, Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide and Water.

Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Anderson's Social Studies

Mr. Janzen's and Mrs. Anderson's social studies classes are ending our studies on the Caribbean Region this week and beginning our last region of study, South America. We will begin with notes, vocabulary and a map. We also, will commemorate and remember those affected by the Oklahoma City Bombing on Wednesday, April 19th.

Mrs. Frank and Ms. Walter's English

English classes next week will finish reading Tuck Everlasting, take a test over the novel, and watch the movie.

-Mrs. Frank

So glad that our OSTR is now finished. The kids felt confident and that is a great feeling.

I have so enjoyed getting to know these students. They are awesome.

We will finish reading Tuck Everlasting and will end the year reading Hatchet.

-Ms. Walter

Mrs. Edwards' Literacy

We are reading The Running Dream. We are working on skills such as: summarizing info., illustrating what we have read, identifying/discussing key quotes within the novel, and understanding the vocabulary used throughout.

Spring Spirit Dates for Central

Tuesday, April 25

Arctic Edge

7:15 pm to 8:45 pm

14613 N Kelly Ave 748-


Thursday, April 27

Panera Bread

4:00 pm to 8:00


1472 S Bryant Ave 844-5525

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