Adolf Hitler Holocaust

The holocaust was a tragic terrible event that took place in Germany during world war two (WWII). Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany. Hitler disliked all Jews so he sent them to consideration camps. These were camps where all Jews would be told by Nazi soldiers (Hitlers soldiers) to work hard all day. They would get very little food also woman and children would have to suffer as well.

Hitler hated all Jews and wanted to do as much as he could to eliminate all of them. Hitler and the Nazis were very racist. Hitler also killed many Jews in gas showers or making them work all day. Hitler and the Nazis had children taken away from family friends and siblings. Boys and girls had to be separated from each other and lived with other roommates of their gender. In 1933 the Jewish population rose to over 9 million . most Jews lived in countries that Nazi Germany would occupy or influence during WWII. when many survivors of the holocaust tell there story the get very emotional because of what Hitler and the Nazis did to them.

The holocaust was a scary, hard, and tragic event that occurred during WWII in Germany. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were cruel people that created the holocaust . Hitler hated all Jews and that was one of the main reasons of the holocaust.