How To Augment Your World!

Step 1 - Download the "Aurasma" App

The app is available on iOS (Apple) and Android Devices.

Step 2 - Opening the App

When you open the app it will ask you to take a tour. Swipe until the tour is completed. It will also ask you if you have an account, touch the button that says "skip".

Step 3 - Follow the Deretchin Channel

Once you complete the tour and skip registering, your camera will pop up with a gray triangle at the bottom. Click the gray triangle to bring up the menus then click on the magnifying glass to search. After the search screen comes up select "Channels". Search for Deretchin - it should come up with a picture of Deretchin and it will be named "Deretchin Science". Click follow.

Step 4 - Viewing the Aura

Click the gray triangle to get back to the camera mode. Hold the camera over the augmented picture. A circle will appear and then you should see the augmented picture.
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