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Tomball ISD - Where we focus on the Social-Emotional well-being of our staff, students, and families, High-Quality Instruction, and Collaboration to ensure learning for all of our Tomball ISD students.


Mission: Decker Prairie Elementary is dedicated to high levels of learning for all.

Vision: We will create an environment where everyone takes risks and collaborate respectfully through innovative learning.


1/28 - 8:10 AM Donuts with D.O.G.S. (Parents only) Please RSVP here by Wednesday, Jan. 26

2/2/22- 100th Day of School and it is 2-2-22 (SEE MORE INFO ON THE 100TH DAY BELOW)

2/12- UIL Tournament at Grand Lakes Junior High (Events begin at 8:15 am and run throughout the day. Doors will open at 5 pm for Awards. Awards will begin as soon as final scores )

2/18-Student Holiday NO SCHOOL / Staff Development Day

2/21 - Staff and Student Holiday- NO SCHOOL

2/24- Kindergarten Music Program- Go Texan!

Evening Performance at 6:30 students meet in the gym at 6:00

2/26- Destination Imagination @ Davis High School (Aldine ISD-masks required)

3/14-3/18 Spring Break

Start your Spring Semester off Right!!!

Suggestion - Create a checklist near your exit door for the following:

1. Water Bottle (labeled)

3. Jacket, Scarf, Hat, Gloves

4. Backpack

5. Lunch

6. Notes for School

LABEL all of your student's items with their name. (first and last and preferable teacher/grade)

Praire Parents Shout Outs!

We had a great time sharing our love of our jobs, students, and learning alongside our parent partners this past week! What a wonderful experience! We received such amazing, positive feedback. They loved the experience and want to come back for more!!!

Please do!

Do you want to find out more about this opportunity? Look through our Prairie Pulse for information on how to sign up!

Third and Fourth Grade - Jan 25th and Jan 26th students will take the Interim Assessment

Third and Fourth Grade students will take the Interim Assessment which is an online tool used to gauge students' understanding of the statewide curriculum and students' mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

This will help give teachers additional information to address performance gaps and needs regarding student learning on instruction taught so far, strengths and where they grown, and where growth will need to be targeted next.

The Interim Assessments are low-stakes tests, not tied to accountability, and not taken for a grade. BUT it is critcial to our teachers to help plan instruction across a class and a grade level. Your student's information is necessary to support their learning. It is important that all students are present during these testing dates.

We have a short window to finish all tests. If a student is absent, they will be given time to make up their tests, but this could result in missing classroom instruction.

We are so excited to see the great things our DPES students will do on this assessment, and we look forward to celebrating their strengths and progress alongside you!! Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions about the Interim Assessment, please feel free to send an email to

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We have had a drop in attendance due to recent attendance. We are currently at 93.6%

We know you keep your students home when sick. Please help get your students to school when not sick to avoid missing instruction. See tips below.

Let's keep it going ALL THE WAY T0 OUR GOAL OF 97!!!

  • Help your child select two outfits the night before to avoid conflict and the need to rush.
  • Locate needed items and secure a location to put them that is the same place each day.
  • Pack lunches ahead of time.
  • Set alarms (and back-up alarms?) to help kids begin to manage time and morning tasks.
  • Set timers to help kids learn time management (ex. about how long breakfast should take, so many minutes before the bus comes)
  • Last - send them off with a smile and positive encouragement!
First Semester Attendance Winners Announced

Join us in celebrating our 1st Semester Perfect Attendance Winners, Eva and Owen! Thank you to Living Stones Church for your generous donation!


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Please let us know if your family needs support!

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Library News

Prairie Parent Partners

Soon we will begin again our parent walks. We began these walks in 2019-20 to see all that we have going on across the campus and we can't wait to begin them again.

This is an opportunity for our parents to walk our campus and see what Great Expectations looks like, our campus improvement plan efforts, implementation of professional development, and just the day-to-day inner-workings of an elementary campus.


Valentine Exchange - February 14th

This year we will do our annual Valentine exchange on Feb 14th. This exchange happens during the school day.

  • How many do I buy if we are bringing valentines? Aim for 25. This allows for a few "mistakes" or extras for any teachers, etc. your child may want to gift.
  • Valentines can be addressed by your child to “my friend”, from “(insert your child’s name)”.
  • Students will be given opportunities to fill bags throughout the day.
  • Students will also be provided a white paper bag to decorate at school, prior to the exchange to put their cards in.
  • As we have done in the past, this will be an exchange and snack designated at a time that works for each teacher.
  • The treat (snack and drink) will be provided in advance by our PTO.
  • Valentine bags and goodies will come home with the student that afternoon.
  • If you have any extra valentines that you would be willing to donate to those without, please send them to the office with your student labeled "donated". We always appreciate our generous parents' support and help.
  • Please try not to send items with peanut butter to avoid common allergies.
  • Family Assistance: Please contact for valentine card support.

PE Parent Letter

Please check out the latest PE Parent Letter
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Kids Heart Challenge - Was a tremendous success. Our school did a fantastic job raising funds to help kids with special hearts and needs!


Lunchroom Visitors:

Assigned lunch visitors will be divided over 4 days, Monday through Thursday, with Friday’s rotating each month for an assigned alpha. (Based on campus numbers and spread in the alphabet)

Visitors ARE REQUIRED to be listed as an emergency contact if not accompanied by a parent/guardian. Identification IS REQUIRED to enter any TISD building.

Assigned alpha days are as follows:

January Schedule:

· Monday: Student Last Name A thru F

· Tuesday: Student Last Name G thru L

· Wednesday: Student Last Name M thru O

· Thursday: Student Last Name P thru Z

· Friday: Student Last Name P thru Z

(February will be A-F)



All school volunteers must complete a volunteer application.

Click HERE or the calendar below for a printable copy.



We are NOT allowing birthday cupcakes.

If you are interested in sending a birthday treat, please a Pre-wrapped/Store-bought items to share.

Ex. Litte Debbie, Ding-Dongs, Twinkies, etc.

Order your yearbook from our PTO!

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How to log into Lexia:

  • Go to the DPES homepage at
  • Click Academics
  • Click ClassLink
  • Login with username (student 6-digit lunch#/ID#) and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)
  • Ex: 123456, tisd01012011
  • Click the Lexia Core5 icon
  • Click login with Google
  • Enter email (student 6-digit lunch#/ and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)
  • Ex:, tisd01012011
  • Lexia Core5 will then open.
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Math Fact Fluency

Mastering basic facts is essential to being proficient mathematicians. Below is more information about the importance of fact fluency.

*What is fact fluency?*

Math fact fluency, or the ability for students to recall basic math facts quickly, accurately, and effortlessly, is an essential component of students’ math knowledge. It would take you ages to write a paper if you had to look up the spelling of each individual word. In the same way, lack of fact fluency can slow down students’ processing of more complex math problems and situations.

*How do we build fact fluency?*

It is important to realize that fact fluency is not just memorizing the basic facts. It is building students’ conceptual understanding of the basic math facts, rather than focusing solely on memorization. We encourage children to focus on looking for patterns and relationships between the facts, building on and connecting to what facts they already know (for example, if students know 5+5=10, then 5+6= one more than ten, or 11). This conceptual framework anchors students’ recall in meaning. In other words, students are making meaningful connections that make remembering the facts easier.

*What can you to help?*

Students should practice math facts at home. This extra practice helps the brain transition facts from short-term memory into long-term storage. Practicing can be as easy as creating and using flashcards or quizzing your child in the car on the way to school or while cooking dinner. They could also do the Fact Practice in Freckle. In addition, a quick internet search will provide tons of great websites and apps that provide practice opportunities.

Please reach out to your classroom teacher or Mrs. Finney if you have any questions about how to help your child master their facts.

DPES Problem Solving Model

The campus utilizes a problem solving model that encourages students to paraphrase and visualize actions happening in word problems. We promote using models such as pictures/drawings or strip diagrams to support visualization.

Here are examples to familiarize yourself with our model. If you have questions or would like additional support, please reach out to Mrs. Finney at

IMAGINE MATH - Math at Home

Below you will find steps on how to access Imagine Math from tablets and computers.

  1. Go to the DPES homepage at

  2. Click Academics

  3. Click ClassLink

  4. Login with username (student 6-digit lunch#/ID#) and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)

Ex: 123456, tisd01012011

  1. Click the Imagine Math icon

  2. Enter email (student 6-digit lunch#/ and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)

Ex:, tisd01012011

  1. Imagine Math will then open.

Do you want to be a Watch Dog?

WATCH D.O.G.S. is one of the nation’s largest and most respected school-based, family, and community engagement, organizations in the country. Since the program’s creation in 1998, more than 6,800 schools across the country have launched a WATCH D.O.G.S. program of their own. Each school year hundreds of thousands of fathers and father-figures make a positive impact on millions of children by volunteering millions of hours in their local schools through this amazing one-of-a-kind program.


  • Link to sign up - BE sure to have your VOLUNTEER BACKGROUND CHECK approved through the district volunteer background check prior to your visit to ensure you are cleared for this school year's visits.
  • Please check in with Mrs. Watson prior to signing up more than once. This may be allowed when Watchdog attendance is down.



Also, mark your calendars for our upcoming Donuts with D.O.G.S. on Friday, January 28th from 8:10-8:40am. On this day, we will have a Q & A session and opportunities to sign up. We look forward to having our Watch DOGS program back up and even better than ever! Please RSVP here by Wednesday, January 26th if you are able to make it.



If your child will require medication administration during school hours, please note that all prescriptions must have a written/signed order from a medical doctor licensed in the state of Texas. Medication will not be administered without the correct documents.

Please contact the clinic in advance to drop off medication. Students should NOT be sent to school with the medication. Please contact the DPES nurse, Lance Culver, at 281-357-3134 EXT 3006 if you need to schedule a time to present documents and drop off medication for your child.


Isolation and Readmission Criteria for a Positive Lab-Confirmed COVID-19 Student Students who test positive for COVID-19 must enter isolation.

Parents must notify the school nurse if their student is lab-confirmed positive via the District’s online reporting tool.

● Isolation/ Return Criteria- please see most recent guidance sent 1/4/21 to all families in regards to updates

Please refer to the district website for updates,


The district continues to provide tremendous resources available to students, teachers, and parents. Please be sure to check out the link by clicking on the button above.

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