Political Scientists on Famine

By Brennen Walton

Can we put an end to Famine in Kenya?

A Political Scientist is someone who studies things like the origin, development, and operation of political systems. They research and analyze governments, policies, laws, etc.

How do Political Scientists help end Famine?

Political Scientists can help look at the cultures, trends, and social aspects. The climate is something big that is effecting Kenya's famine so they can work to help get climate change. Political scientists can predict what will happen economically and culturally.

Kenya: 1.6 Million Kenyans Facing Severe Famine

This article discusses the many reasons Kenya is facing the problem of famine. There is a drought and also lots of crop failure due to climate. Around 1.63 million people face famine in the country of Kenya. Many cases of cholera have been reported as well. The famine effects animals as well.


Was the food crisis in Kenya avoidable?

This article talks about the bad government in Kenya. Famine isn't necessarily an act of God and can be prevented even in harsh climates. The government is not very good there and does not pay attention to it's citizens and their needs. If the government had more programs put in place it may have even been prevented.


Horn of Africa famine: Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya suffer worst drought in 60 years

East Africa is dealing with one of the worst droughts in 60 years. Even in this day and age people can be suffering from this. More than 10 million people have been effected by this terrible drought. Malnutrition has reached 37% in people in the Horn of Africa. Many children have even died in this tragedy.


Am I my Brothers Keeper?

yes, because political scientists are constantly looking for ways to help out end famine. It can be prevented with government programs. Climate change can be stopped and there is genetic modifications on plants to withstand the harsh climate.