Call of the Wild

Interview with Buck our nations most interesting character!

The Interview of the Century

We had our best and most interesting interview on this case... Ryan Back! He asked Buck some detailed and in-depth questions and trying to get through that cold independent shell Buck wears all to well. Here is what happened in that eventful interview.

One on One with Buck

Theme: self-reliance

Character that influenced theme: Buck

Text to support theme: "At once he had become a thing of the wild, stealing along softly, cat-footed, a passing shadow that disappeared and appeared among the shadows." p.120

Ryan: "Hey, Buck how's it going? We appreciate it that you would take time to talk to us. I promise to make it short."

Buck: I'm doing great. No worries and thank you for having me."

Ryan: "So lets jump right into this; What's your stance on self-reliance and Independence?"

Buck: "Well I think there are times when you need to cooperate with others and work as a team and there are other times when you need to branch off and do things on your own."

Ryan: "Can you give me an example in your life when you worked with a team and when you were independent and self-reliant?"

Buck: Well one example of me working with a team was when me and my sled team were traveling north and without the whole team we would have never made it to our destinations. An example of when I was independent was when I was stalking a wild moose. Day after day I would injure it until it was an easy kill, and I did all of this alone.

Ryan: Interesting. So what did you learn about yourself and about self-reliance during this extravaganza.

Buck: Well Ryan I learned that I can do anything; I have the skill, athleticism, build, and mind to achieve anything I want. Through my inner journey I learned that finding inner peace and learning to rely on your self is a hard and windy road, and that many don't have the will to endure the pain, but what these people do not know is that at the end of that rugged road there is the reward of what you just endured.

Ryan: "Wise words from a wise person. But why, what motivated you to go down that "windy and tough road"?"

Buck: "Well I chose to go down that because of the reward of the knowledge of self-reliance and independence, but mostly because of the fact that the only way for me to have inner peace and answer the deafening call of the wild."

Ryan: "Last question. How did you feel when you finished your inner quest and got to the end of that road?"

Buck: "I felt accomplished and rested but troubled. That road stole and took away some of the people I loved. Along the way I grew a love-hate relationship with the journey, but not everything is gonna go your way and I will have to live with that daunting fact for the rest of my life.

Ryan: "Inspiring... well thank you Buck for speaking to me and many others."

Buck: No problem. Thanks for having me."