Marnie's Halloween Booking Bonanza

Book, Book, Book to Wrap Up Your Season,... and Win!

Pick a Level... Make a Plan!

With the crazy update to the WRAP UP THE SEASON incentive from Home Office, we all have a chance to earn the new Spring Collection for FREE, as well as the cute bag, necklace or iPad -- and in the highest sales months of the year!! Those in your Jump Start are double dipping now, too.

I am determined to fill up my calendar to get the spring collection for free! I'm sure there are some of you that must feel the same. Imagine having the credits in your account before the spring line even launches!! do we do this???
1. Set your goals and fill out the Wrap up the Rewards Tracker below. Reach out to your upline to help nail down your plan.
1. Register for your local team meeting. - Meet up!! Fun, laughs, learning & making November EXPLOSIVE!!!!
2. BOOK, BOOK, BOOK!!!! The more you book, the more $$$ you earn and the more FREE PRODUCT CREDIT you get!

Team Challenge... and PRIZES

Who loves an incentive?!! Let's add to the fun by adding a few more prizes!!!

1. HOLIDAY LOOKBOOKS - For EVERY new* Trunk Show booked in November/December, get a pack of Holiday Lookbooks. For example: Book 3 shows = 3 packs.

2. BRING IT - For each NEW Trunk Show booked**, you'll also be entered to win a multi-stripe BRING IT jewellery tote for sharing on the go.
2 per trunk show, 1 per event (Christmas bazaars/markets, etc.)

3. CHELSEA TECH WALLET (Snakeskin) - Register for the November Team Meeting nearest you and email me the following morning with your top takeaway for a chance to win the Snakeskin Chelsea Tech Wallet. With our small, but growing team, the odds are in your favour! :)

*not yet entered on the system
**Shows must be entered into the system
Join in on the 2-hour booking challenge...

Step 1: Warm up your contacts!

Make your list of potential hostesses, then warm them up with a quick email, Facebook message, or text with a link or picture of something you think they would love using the October Words to Say! Or, drop off a Holiday lookbook with a short note message saying you'll be in touch.

Step 2: Just book it!
FOLLOW UP three days later with a CALL!!! [Yikes..I know, but calls generate the best results for booking!!] Review your words and videos in the SDU and then, make the call to book the show (or hear the "No"). Remember the 10:1 ratio. For every 10 people you ask, you will book 1-2 shows so welcome them as it means you're one step closer to a 'yes'. You can always invite them to a holiday trunk show of your own, or offer them gift suggestions while you've got them on the phone. :)

Step 3: Results
I'm setting up a Facebook event where you can post your results as you go. Please write in hostess name and date of show - remember it's for NEW SHOWS BOOKED only!
Since Halloween is a busy time, I'm running this incentive until Sunday 3rd November. Post your results by 9pm on our Facebook event (or email it to me if not on FB!)

So... are you ready to warm up your contacts tonight?! Let's do this!!!

Need some help/more booking tips? You can find more training available to you in our Home Office Training Calendar! Look below the calendar for archived training calls specific to the holiday season and, for booking!

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October Sign-up Special... 3 Days Left so share with a friend... they've nothing to lose, and so much to gain!