John Thornton

John Thornton dies at the age of 29

Thornton, John

John J. Thornton died April 21, 1889, as of results of a brutal Indian tribe attack. He was born on December 10, 1860. John was a local towns men who owned many dogs, was a active pioneer and was always seeking out the desired yellow medal. He lived in an itty-bitty town in the Yukon valley. John was also on the local hokey team as a wing and was always outdoors. John was loved by his adopted canines and his fellow towns people. John was a very loving, caring and devoted person; he was the type of guy to never quit on you or himself. John's legacy will never be forgotten... It was a frigid early spring day, an exhausted looking sled team rolled in to town when they came to a stop all of the dogs fell in exhaustion. The sled leader whipped and kicked the dogs and they all painfully got up; except one dog. Repeatedly the man kicked the dog that defied the law of the club and fang, finally John had enough and quickly came to the dogs aid and took him under his wing. The man and the crew went off and on their departure fell through the ice. John had saved a life.

John will never be forgotten.

There will be a burial and remorse sermon next Friday April 29th.