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Serving children and youth in agriculture, November 2015

After school Tutoring targets students' individual math, reading needs

Migrant after school tutoring sites are in full swing at Roosevelt Elementary, Bluffs Middle School, Gordon Elementary, and Bayard Elementary. Students are again using Moby Max to work at their own level in math and language. Some of the tutors also provide homework help. The Moby Max curriculum is very personalized for each student, which helps them learn what they need, when they need it. Students took a Moby Max pre-test at the beginning of the year which shows us what they already know, and what they need to learn. They then get personalized lessons for them! Last year, 78% of our students made at least 20% progress in math and 82% of our students made at least 20% progress in reading. Many students gained half a year in their reading or math level, just by attending the after school sessions! One student started out at Kindergarten level and worked up to a 2nd grade level by attending every day! We recently had another parent share with us that her son was struggling last year, but at parent teacher conferences this year, she was surprised to hear that he was one of the highest achieving students in the class. She shared that it was the after school tutoring and summer school provided by the Migrant Education Program that made the difference. We look forward to more great results with our after school kids this year! Thank you Mrs. Dutton, Mrs. Garza, Ms. Newhoff, and Ms. Everett!

2014-15 Annual Report

We recently completed our 2014-15 Annual Report. 519 students were identified as eligible. Of these, 466 participated in program services! Below is a list of services given.

· 457 students received monthly educational materials to use at home

· 118 students attended migrant funded summer school programs

· 89 students participated in migrant funded after school programs

· 123 students received Reading instruction

· 141 students received Math instruction

· 89 students received Science instruction

· 110 students received Social Studies instruction

· 14 students received ESL instruction

· 60 students received referrals leading to services from other agencies

· 22 students received guidance (goal setting, career planning)

· 42 students received health materials

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ESU 13 Migrant Education Program

The ESU 13 Migrant Education Program is a Title 1, Part C program under the Nebraska Department of Education. The mission of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that migrant children fully benefit from the same free public education provided to other children. To achieve this, the MEP supports educational programs for migrant children to help reduce the educational disruptions and other problems that result from repeated moves.