Vocabulary Words

Task 2


I was reading the book Percy Jackson and the book said "here is a detailed list of things that you need to bring with you on your quest"so that is where I found the second word.


The second word i found was flashback i was watching Jessie on Disney channel and they said flashback 3 times then showed the scene that was from a previous event.


I was watching TV and a mystery detective show came on and while i was watching and the actors said "there is some foreshadowing evidence here"so that is where i found my next word.


In a book that i have finished reading called Tuesdays at the castle it said "soon this castle is going to be as big as the world."


I was watching a show on animal planet and the made an alliteration that was "Flora fish ate some flounder flashing fast by her aunt Faith Fadia ." and that was there tongue twister.


I was reading spirit animals and the author had said in the notes that "there was a lot of diction in my writing." Because she wrote in lot of different tones and expressions.