Summer Vacation

a nice summer

spain faxts

My dream vacation is going to Barcelona,Spain which is in the other side of the world.

My destination is located at Barcelona which is located at Spain in Europe.The reason i want to visit is to accomplish my goal... it is going to the camp nou and visiting my team

FC Barcelona visiting my idol Lionel Messi.


1.the FC Barcelona museum is the most view museum or third in spain

2.People said that hercules founded barcelona

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The destination is going to be 7 hours and 11 minutes to get to Barcelona.

the People i will take with me is my friends and some people from my family.

one of the vacation this summer is how i am going to get there??i am going to

take my trip in a airplane called Turkish airlines.i will leave willis on july 15 and

come back until school begins.


To live or survive in Barcelona i will have to stay in a mansion that my cost a

billion dollars but have enough rooms for my friends and mansion haves

5 rooms and 4 restrooms