Ancient Rome Travel Poster

By: Chase Orton

Law and Order

Poor people got worse punishments than rich people.
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Food and Drink

They ate very expensive foods.
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Family Life

People would get married when their teenagers and when the bride walks into to the house they put oil on the door knob and a ribbon above the door knob.
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Depending on the family's class would either sent to work as a slave or they would go to work as a job.

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Their religion was heavily based on music.
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People would do sports and work up a sweat and then relax themselves going in a pool.
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Pour people lived in small dark apartments with no water.

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Country Life

The fathers wants their sons to farm so it can make them stronger.

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Why Athenian's Should Move To Rome

Their original forum in Rome had an opened area used for merchant stalls, races, games, and plays. They would leave a clay foot sometimes for the gods to know which part of the body to heal. Wealthy Roman women ran their household, they bought and trained the family's slaves. Became adults when they got married usually 12 to 18 years of age. If you were rich you would live in a nice house.