European Explorers

Colten Whitten 6th period

Christopher Columbus

-Went on his first voyage in 1492

-Voyage was financed by the King and Queen of Spain

-3 ships sailed in the voyage, 2 of which were the Nina and Pinta

-Was arrested because he was accused of governing Tyrannically

Vasco de Gama

-Set sail in 1497

-Was the first European to reach India via the Atlantic Ocean

-Sailed along with 170 other sailors

-Traveled around 24,000 miles

-Sailed from Europe to West Africa, The Cape of Good Hope, all the way to India


-Studied Astronomy and Navigation for 2 years

-Voyage was financed by King Charles of Spain

-He confirmed that the world was a globe, opened up Asia to European markets, and helped the spread of Christianity