The Shining

Stephen King

Jack The Killing King?!

ESTES PARK.COLORADO- Jack Torrance, also being known as "Jack the Killing King". Why, you may ask? Reports show that the Torrance family, a average, middle class family, doing pretty well. Besides that the father, Jack, has anger issues. Reports say that Jack Torrance was a teacher, until he had a conflict with a student. He also, pulled his 5 year olds arm out of his socket,who was 3 at the time, because he spilt stuff on his fathers papers. Also, his sin, Danny, has mental issues. He has only one friend, Tony. Not a real person, itś his finger.Reportedly, Jack got a job as watching over the Stanley Hotel for about 4-6 months. Of course, it is Winter time, and as you know if you live in North Colorado, there was a huge snow storm. This caused the Torrance family to be trapped in the hotel. Jack was supposedly going crazy. I guess, a extreme case of Cabin Fever. He cut all the phone cords, and tried to attack his wife and his son. Luckily, they were able to escape, but he killed the caretaker, who traveled there because he was worried. Also, it doesn't help that he was drunk (Jack). The mother and the son are fine, just a few cuts, and Jack, is dead. The hotel boiler explodes while he is in the hotel still.

Man vs Man

Jack Torrance vs himself, Jack Torrance. He is trying his best to keep sane. He tries fighting it all back. He tries to keep all of his thoughts or voices in his head to himself. He tries his best.

Main Charecters


The Shining takes place in Estes Park, Colorado. More specifically, the Stanley Hotel, which is rumored to be haunted in real life. It takes place during around Winter, and it eventually has a huge storm.


"The mind is everything. What you think, you become¨ - Unknown

Favorite Quote

page 368-¨"Well, I´ll fix you."He said as and he tried to put his hands around her throat.¨