Pages is a computer application that allows you to make brochures, posters, letters and more. In pages you can add text, shapes and images. You can resize all of those things. To change the design of the letter or poster you are making you can change the fonts, type, and color of the text and background. You can choose your own format for the page you are making.


A brochure is one of the many things you can make on pages. There is a special format for the specific brochure you want. A brochure is a type of flyer. There are six sides of a brochure. Each side is for its own paragraph of information.


There is a special format for a poster too. You can make the poster whatever you want. You can just make it a picture or add text and edit the text to make it look more interesting.


In Pages you can write several different kinds of letters. You could write a formal letter or a business. There are different formats for letters as well.