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What's Cookin' in Our Class?

Hey Parents!

As we start a new semester in our classroom, we are going to take much of what we have already learned about French culture and start having a little fun. We have studied many aspects of French history, traditions, and modern life. We want to foster and grow this knowledge by allowing our students to participate in a culinary cultural experience. This month we are beginning our culinary unit. We are going to learn how to make a traditional omelette along with all the necessary preparations to do so.

What's the Plan?

What You Need to Know...

In this learning adventure, students will begin with discovering the history and culture behind the omelette. Learning about the tradition and roots of the food is just as important as learning how to make it. Next, we will will dive into the process of making an omelette. Students will learn what all the exact steps are to create an omelette and the safety precautions to take when cooking in the kitchen. Student will be provided with many learning tools such as games and interactive learning resources before we begin the actual in-class cooking.

By the end of the learning adventure students will have created their own original omelette recipes. Our final product will be a class cookbook with a collection of their own unique recipes! Students will have a lot of guidance and activities that will able them to come up with their own materials list.

We will provide students with a number of activities to be completed at home, most will require internet access. Feel free to join in and complete these interactive assignments with them! Attached is a parental permission form to allow your child to participate in our culinary unit. Read through it, provide your signature, and have your child return the form by Friday. Please contact Ms. Maghen or Ms. Sophie for any further questions or concerns.

Opportunities for Extension

We encourage students to do a little more research outside of the classroom on their own. We hope that this will spark their interest in extending their knowledge beyond the classroom! Here are some awesome books and resources we recommend for doing so...

1. "Big Meals for Little Hands: Easy French Cuisine for Kids" by Aladjidi Virginie & Caroline Pelissier

2. "French Kids Eat Everything: How Our Family Moved to France, Cured Picky Eating, Banned Snacking, and Discovered 1o Simple Rules for Raising Happy, Healthy, Eating" by Karen Le Billon

3. Sur La Table is a great fosterer of the culinary arts. They offer week-long summer cooking camps for kids and individual cooking lessons. They offer not just lessons but a cultural experience and a glimpse into "the art & soul of cooking".

Learning Objectives

1. MLI.CU1- The students develop an awareness of perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures where the target language is spoken. The students:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of contributions of target culture(s) to civilization.
  • Identify commonly held viewpoints of the cultures, such as those relating to time, education, and meals.
  • Describe customs and traditions of the cultures such as greetings, celebrations and courtesies.

2. MLI.CCC2 The students demonstrate an understanding of the significance of culture through comparisons between the culture(s) studied and the students’ own culture. The


  • Compare patterns of behavior and interaction in the students’ own culture with those of the target language.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of elements of the students’ own culture.