Explore Medieval Europe

By Matthew Hinsberger

Role of Feudalism

A fief was a grant of land or an estate. At the top of the feudalism pyramid was the king who owned all of the land and sold it for protection. Under the King was the Noble who grants a fief in return for military service. and a Vassal was the noble receiving the fief.

He owes the lord Military service, ransom money, housing, and food for the lord and knights when they visit. Homage was a vassal's oath of loyalty to the lord in exchange for the land. Then came the Knights which pledge loyalty to a lord in exchange for land. and At the bottom of everyone was a Serf, who was bound to a land, cannot leave and worked on farms with barely enough money to survive.

Role of the Knight

A knight was a warrior who pledges loyalty to the lord in exchange for the land. When a knight visits, they would stay with vassals for free and be supplied; food, shelter, and somewhere to stay with them inside their house.

Technology and strategy of feudal warfare

Catholic church

Catholic churches were a big part in Medieval europe

Everyone went to church, it dominated everyone's life. Everyone obeyed the church and believed in it. The Pope was the head role in the catholic church. The church had complete control over everyone. People payed a tithe, which was a tax and they had to give the church 10% of their income each year. If someone didn't pay a tithe they were told by the church that they would burn in hell.

Problems in Catholic churches

There were many problems that came along with these churches. Popes tried to have power over the king and be in charge of everything. Some people couldn't afford tithes therefore told they were going to hell. They had bad leaders. They gave promotions in the church to people who gave them money or something they wanted, leading to chaos and problems with the church.

Causes and Effects of Crusades

There were 9 total major crusades and 4 major. Crusades were happening because people wanted money and wealth, glory, and they had to listen to the Pope. If someone died in a crusade they were said to go straight to heaven, and if they made it back, all jail time and debts were forgiven, giving people a new start. Some effects of crusades were Byzantine Empire weakens, Pope's power declines. Muslims distrust Christians. Trade increase, Technology improves. Religious intolerance grows, Italian cities expand and become rich. Power of feudal nobles' weakened. And Kings become stronger.

Limited Constitutional Monarchy

The Magna Carta limited the power that the king could have, while protecting the rights of the people. This was very important in England, because now the king couldn't do whatever he wanted and had limits keeping him from doing something that was really bad. Also protecting the rights of citizens living there besides serfs and peasants. Before people's rights were not protected at all now they were depending on where they stood in the feudalism pyramid.

100 Year's War

This long battle was fought between England and France. This battle was going on from 1337-1453. Overall the French wins but England wins important battles; Battle of Crecy- English archers, longbow was better than the crossbow. This battle had started because French king dies without successor, and King Edward III or King of England claims throne. Effects of this war on France were; Cost lives, money, property. Raised power and prestige of french monarch. On England it was Internal turmoil, and Strengthened English Parliament. And it effected both with Nationalism.



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