Deforestation in The DRC

Deforestation in The Democratic Republic of Congo

What would you feel like?

Imagine going to sleep in a nice comfortable bed with a lush forest in your backyard. And waking up in a barren desert with no sign of life. How would you feel if that happened to you?

Saving The Trees

The reforestation problem has been going on in the DRC for years. More than half of the forests in the country have been cut down for human purposes. Many of the animals who live in those forests have either fled or died.

"The Tree Planters" is the name of the organization of voluntary children who give up their summer break time to travel to the DRC and help solve the reforestation problem there. The organization was founded by Patrick Lin in the year of 1985. The organization is founded by charities all over the nation, including France and England. In order to be able to do this you have to first call the number on the information section and ask about the reforestation program in the DRC.

The Problem

The cutting down of the trees in the DRC has also effected many of the farmers in the DRC. You see, when the trees are cut down, the roots have to be pulled out too, and the roots hold the soil. When the soil gets loose, planting will not be able to occur. And that affects the amount of food that is available. Also, when the trees are cut down, many animals lose their habitats, so they either have to flee to another area that can provide their needs, or die trying. And, so many animals have died because of deforestation, many species have become endangered.


Ever since "The Tree Planters" arrived, about 789 trees have been planted in the last 27 years. The trees will provide a new habitat for the dying animals and hold the soil in place so that farming can occur. Also, a solution that the people from the DRC can do is plant trees and get the wood from that. The farmers could also just cut down the trees from the forest, but for every tree cut, plant a new tree in that same area