By : Hailey Hensley and Sophia Cothrum

About Iceland

Iceland, an island about the size of Kentucky, it lies to the North Atlantic Ocean, East of Greenland and just touches the Arctic Circle.


94% of people in Iceland are Nonce and Celts. 6% of people in Iceland are Foreign Origin. The Languages they speak are Icelandic, English, Nordic Languages, and German wisely spoke. 76.5% of Iceland go to Evangelical Lutheran Church,3.4% of people are Roman Catholic, 2.9% are Reykjavik Free Church

Northern lights

If you are interested in the northern lights in Iceland you will be interested in this. On the Northern lights jeep hunt tour you will join local experts in your search for the best spots to see the Northern lights. We will take you out of the city lights and into the pitch black winter night up in the mountains around Reykjavik.