Travel Journal

By:Gabriel Mr.Masengill 7th

today i went to Mexico's capital, Mexico city. Where the executive, judicial, and Legislative branches are.I learned a lot about there president Enrique Pena Neito. I first visited the Executive branch, where the president lives. That's were he and his cabinet hold important meetings and discussions.
Me and my companions then went to the Judicial Branch. This is where the Supreme Court of Justice of The Nation, the Court of federal judiciary, the Collete, the unitary, and the district tributes lie.
We then took a peek at the legislative branch. This power is vested upon the congress of the union. a two chamber legislator composing the senate and the chamber of deputies.
the country is like the U.S they give more power to the states, but the people want more political power and because of this the whole country is in a frustration uproar..
See you in Central America
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Hey there I'm in Panama right now. Their economy is very vast.The tour guide told us some facts. I wrote them down for later use.
•Panama is a free market economy
•History of low inflation
They must be good at tourism because i saw a lot of people from other countries. That's a good service industries. I asked the tour guide if that was true he said ya and there also good at banking and commerce. I was walking on the edge of the busy canal when i remembered that the canal provided jobs, transportation and export.
As if on cue 2 men were loading crates . I asked them what they were loading they said coffee, bananas, sugar, shrimp and clothing. He said those were there leading exports.
I met with my tour guide near a factory were he was going to explain what they were making in there. They mostly make cements, drinks, adhesives and textiles from what he told me.
That's it for Panama see ya later
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panama canal(above)

Hey there me and my companions went to Colombia to go sightseeing. There is geography beautiful. Man is hot here no wonder people don't live in the rain forests and lowlands about 20% do mostly native Americans. we went northeast to find ranchers and farmers on Llanos. We went to the Andes to cool off and because it rains mainly there and the coast lands. 80% of the people live here; also the capital lies here.
The Andes make a Cordilla. The temperature is surprisingly low for Colombia. this is were people come to visit instead of the Jungle.
The reason Colombia is so hot is because of the Tropics.
See you in Brazil
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I'm in Brazil (home turf) and people are starting to get ready for carnival a festival celebrated 46 days before Easter. Brigadero was delicious I tried it it is made at many parties and festivals(literally tried it) The architecture is beautiful and is influenced by U.S and France
There main sport is football they have one of the best teams in the world and are holding the 2014 world cup plus they are hosting the 2016 summer olympics.
They are also good at auto-racing they won 9 world cups
Time to get my party on Gabriel out