Renaissance Culture

by Mckenzie

Arts of The Renaissance

The Renaissance is full of art it's partially made of art to the painting of Mona Lisa to the face painting today at the festival. The renaissance people made sculpture, painting, music, and hand art. The renaissance is a great place to go if you want to see all types of art in one day.


The language in the Renaissance was Latin it is also called medieval Latin. It was not like regular Latin in that time time period. Most people called it Gothic because it was not the Roman period type of Latin.


Housing was very different for in the Renaissance for today for the poor people there were small hut now there are trailers for modern people there were houses and they same for today but they are built different for riches there were castles today there are mansions.

Houses of the Renaissances

Food of The Renaissances

Food was ether a BIG meal or a tiny meal. Mostly the king and queen got the BIG meal or the people that worked with the king. Peasant got only bread and water to survive on or nothing at all to eat. The king got whole turkey legs with a verity of sides to go with it and a usual glass of wine.

Tradition of The Renaissances

One of many culture is the Renaissances and all cultures have traditions; one tradition is jousting. It's and battle on horse back; two people get on a horse and have swords or sticks and run toward each other and the first to fall off of there horse loses.

History of The Renaissances

The Renaissances was a time in Europe around 1300-1400 also know as the bridge between the middle ages and modern history. In the Renaissances The commander would take peasants and throw them in to battle when most of there soldiers died. The peasants did not even have a say in this .

Transportation of The Renaissances

In the Renaissances there were no cars so most people walk if there destination was close middle class people traveled with horses, pack mules, wagons, and coaches.

Religion of The Renaissance

The main religion of Renaissance Europe was Christianity and the main church was the Catholic Church. However, there were new ideas during this time including a new Christian church called Protestantism and a new philosophy called Humanism. Humanism was important to the Renaissance because it placed values on human accomplishments and the study of nature.

Clothing of The Renaissance

Clothing back in the 1300-1400 is very different form today. Ladies were not aloud to wear anything but dresses. Men wore tights with amour or puffy shirts.

Architecture of The Renaissance

The architecture in the time period 1300-1400 was high ceilings, hemispherical domes, and semicircular arches. Outsides of the the buildings had lots of detail.
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