Spartans @ the Library

Education Week October 10-23

The Bookworm Cafe

Last week KCI celebrated Education Week. There were a lot of different things going on to involve all students at KCI. One of the most exciting things, I think, that happen was the Grand Opening of The Bookworm Cafe!!!! We transformed the library into a cool coffee shop that hosted an open mike session. The Bookworm Cafe was opened on Thursday and Friday at lunch. We served free hot chocolate and assorted tea, as well as, homemade cookies courtesy of the grade 8 home ec. class. They made three different kinds: chocolate chip, double chocolate chip and oatmeal trail mix. They were very yummy!
To get the vibe of a coffee shop we also moved furniture around to give the library a more comfy feel. Couches, floor cushions, area rugs, and coffee tables were moved to form a welcoming spot for students and staff to enjoy the performers. A sound system and backdrop were set up to give the performers a stage. We had a variety of different performers that included both staff and students. On Thursday we enjoyed the musical acts of KCI and the sunshine band (Mr. Kitsch and Ms. Doyle lead a drumming circle), the Oompa Loompa's (Mr. Kitsch and students October fest band), students playing the piano and singing and a karate demonstration. On Friday we enjoyed an original poem read by Mr. Thomas, singing by students and Mrs. Guillet. Mr. Gareau was the MC both days and filled the transition time between acts with his jokes and playing the recorder.
On Thursday there was such a buzz in the school as the students walked by the library and noticed the furniture was rearranged. On the very first day we had just over 110 students plus staff enjoying the new cafe. There was an amazing vibe in the library that I had never felt before. Students from every grade was represented from grade 5 to 12. It was amazing to see the students hanging out together. All the students had wonderful manners and supported the performers with rounds of applause and finger snaps! It was truly an amazing thing to witness as these students came together to hang out in the library for something other than doing class work. I was a little worried how The Bookworm Cafe would be received by the students but I was pleasantly surprised on how much students liked the idea and enjoyed themselves. I have had students and staff asking when the next one will be. I hope that this can become a monthly or bi-monthly event.
I loved the furniture arrangement so much that I left the comfy furniture where it was with a few minor tweaks to create two living room type arrangements. I have enjoyed having some of my classes in the library where we all kick back and sit on the couches while we work!
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Book Spine Poetry Contest

Another thing going on in the library is we are promoting the Saskatchewan Library Association's Book Spine Poetry contest. The grade 8s have been busy creating their poems with book titles they find in the library. Students put their poem together and submit a picture online. Check out the SLA's website for more details
I made a couple of examples that I also submitted to the contest in the adult category.