I See the Animals Sleeping

A Bedtime Story

Importance of Healthy Sleep

Sleep is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and impacts our ability to perform in many aspects of life.

Learning and Memory

When children get enough consistent sleep they learn more rapidly than those who are tired. Sleep causes memory consolidation, enhances organizational skills, planning, mulit-tasking, and executive functioning.


Do you notice that you’re clumsier when you’re tired? Overtired children have impaired hand-eye coordination, which can impact your child’s fine motor skills.


This can be common for many children. While some children won’t get too cranky, children that are tired can be more hyperactive, oppositional, and aggressive. Children become more irritable, angry, and easily upset when they are overtired. Behavior problems have been linked to sleep deprivation.


Your body’s immune system has more trouble fighting off illnesses when it hasn’t got enough rest. Systemic inflammation, increased blood pressure, increased stress hormones; make them more susceptible to infections.

With simple rhyming text and vibrant illustrations, I See the Animals Sleeping: A Bedtime Story emphasizes the importance of sleep for both animals and children.

This beautiful picture book, which was read today highlights the diverse and fascinating sleep habits of animals. Children love seeing familiar animals such as a tiger, fox and giraffe. They’ll also be fascinated by more unusual creatures like a platypus and sloth. This book encourages children to crawl into bed so that they can sleep too.

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Hi! I'm Max!

Today we learned where the animals sleep. I like to get the healthy sleep I need and that's up to 10 hours a day! Mom and dad did you know your little one should be sleeping at least 10 hours per night? Just like me!

(10-12 hours per night for 5-7 year olds)