The Principal's Message

Crossroads South Middle School

February 2nd, 2018


Bonnie H. Capes, Principal

Sondra Hinson & Mark Kmiec, Assistant Principals


This week marked the MIDDLE of the school year! It is hard to believe that we have already completed a full half of a year. We have a busy month ahead and look forward to all of the events that will highlight our students. Please read the notes carefully for some of these reminders.

Thank you!

Ms. Capes


  • FRIDAY FOLDER NOTES: Please read our Online Friday Folder for a notice about the flu and our Teacher of the Year Nomination Program.
  • UPDATED SCHOOL CALENDAR: Due to the recent weather-related emergency school closings, schools will be in session on May 25 and May 29, 2018. (Please note: In the event of the need for a 3rd make-up day, April 2 is reserved as such.)
  • GUYS & DOLLS PERFORMANCES: Our School Musical is underway and performances are right around the corner. Tickets will go on sale soon for the following performances: Thursday, 2/8 - 7pm, Friday, 2/9 - 7pm, Saturday, 2/10 - 2pm.
  • NO MORNING MUSIC on 2/5/18: The music department will not have any morning rehearsals on 2/5/18. Regular rehearsals will continue on 2/6/18.
  • LUNCHROOM: Our Dean of Students and Assistant Principals continue to work on a new arrangement for our lunchrooms. This has been implemented due to an overall lack of respect for the space and the adults in our lunchrooms. On Friday, we gathered lunch table rosters, so allow for a higher level of accountability for our students. I know for many that this has been a controversial decision. However, our other Middle School has been doing this each year for the same reasons. While students will have an opportunity later in the year to move and make adjustments, it is critical for our school to have this level of accountability to ensure the safety of all children. This is one step in an ongoing effort to make our lunchrooms more enjoyable and safe for all. We appreciate your support in reminding your children of the expected behaviors during this time.
  • FAMILY FRIDAYS: This year, we have implemented a new program called "Family Fridays" during 9th period each Friday. I am sure your children have shared a few stories/anecdotes here and there. Our purpose is to help build a stronger school community - with a focus on RESPECT and kindness. Many Middle Schools across the nation have an "advisory" period, which serves a similar purpose - to connect students and to allow for a time to address the social/emotional components of Middle School life. At Crossroads South, we have created our own take on this researched-based practice - Family Fridays. We mixed our students with 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students making up each family. Each "family" has taken a life of its own with various activities prepared by the family leaders. In addition, John Witherspoon Middle School in Princeton reached out to learn about this new program. They have sent teachers to visit in the hopes of implementing a similar program for their students. I share some of the ideas via Twitter (@BonnieCapes) , if you are interested in following our progress. While not every student may fully enjoy this time just yet, I can tell you that working on these social skills is critical to the overall success of your children.
  • AFTER SCHOOL REMINDERS: Only Middle School students who stay after school for a school-sponsored activity are permitted to ride our late busses. Students cannot be dropped off at the school to then ride the bus home. Also, as a reminder, students are not permitted to walk to Pierre's after school. If you have any questions, please call the school.


  • ATTENDANCE REMINDERS: Daily attendance in school is a critical factor in the success of your child. Please do your best to minimize the number of days your child is absent from school or is taken out early for appointments. Should your child exceed the number of acceptable days absent as determined by NJ State Law, you will receive a letter from the school.
  • IMPORTANT BUS NOTE: Please remember that students are only permitted to ride his/her regular bus home. You cannot go home on another bus. Our busses are full and any additional students has left others without a seat and in a potentially dangerous situation. If your child wishes to go home with another student, you must coordinate either a parent pickup at the school or a parent pickup at your house. **Bus passes can be checked for boarding.** Thank you for your understanding.



  • 2/5 - Board of Education Meeting 7pm @ Crossroads North
  • 2/6 - Full Day Rehearsal for Musical Students
  • 2/7 - Daytime Performance - Guys & Dolls (not open to public)
  • 2/8 - Guys & Dolls - 7pm
  • 2/9 - Guys & Dolls - 7pm
  • 2/10 - Guys & Dolls - 2pm
  • 2/11 - SNOW DATE - Guys & Dolls
  • 2/13 - PTO Meeting @ Crossroads North 7pm
  • 2/14 - Valentine's Day
  • 2/16 - NO SCHOOL - Professional Development
  • 2/19 - NO SCHOOL - President's Day
  • 2/20 - PTO Meeting @ Crossroads South 7pm
  • 2/21 - Staff vs. Student Basketball Game
  • 2/27 - PTO Meeting @ Crossroads North 7pm
  • 2/28 - 8th Grade - NAEP Testing (Social Studies)


As the second trimester is underway and the holidays are approaching, we would like to take this time to remind parents and students of available mental health resources. We encourage anyone to utilize the staff members available to make certain that students have access to the help that they need.

Staff and locations at CROSSROADS SOUTH where you can find help:

  • Guidance Counselors - SPS
  • Case Managers - SPS
  • School Nurses - Mrs. Duvelsdorf & Mrs. Royer - Health Office
  • Bridge Center- School Based Mental Health program for crisis, teen programs, and counseling - Ms. David - SPS
  • Principal - Ms. Capes
  • Assistant Principals & Dean - Ms. Hinson, Mr. Kmiec, & Mr. Dougherty

If you are experiencing an emergency outside of school, call 911 for immediate assistance. Other resources include:

  • 2nd Floor Youth Helpline (24 hour calling and texting for students in crisis): 888-222-2228
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (Logic Song)
  • Mobile Response (will come to your home within an hour)- 877-652-7624
  • Acute Psychiatric Services (Piscataway, part of University Behavioral Healthcare): 855-515-5700
  • For additional resources and link to our mental wellness directory, go to the following site: Click “crisis intervention phone numbers and resources” on the left hand side

Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Crossroads South has 260 families as confirmed members!! We still have so many more to go! Please join the PTO! Your membership dues go towards supporting assembly programs, events for the students, and mini grants to support our program. Please send in your membership NOW! Send your membership ($10) to the attention of the PTO with your child's name and unit clearly labeled on the envelope.


Please send in your BOX TOPS! Although your children are in Middle School, we still collect any and all box tops. This is a quick and easy way to gain funds for our school. We will collect all year!