Second Grade News You Can Use

August 31-September 4, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Graham

We won the "Most Creative" tent award at the Back To School Bash! Thank you to all the moms and dads that helped us in this quest, but especially the Barnetts and the Humes. I am not sure what our prize is exactly, because I was so focused on winning that the prize did not matter as much to me. However, I think we earned an ice cream party. I am in the process of seeking the official word on this matter and will let the children know as soon as I do. We also had a fantastic turn-out in second grade. That is another part of the contest, but the winners have not been announced. If you were here then you saw why we probably won. Batman was our tent host and he was a huge hit with children and adults alike. Thank you Batman for helping us win.


September 7-Labor Day holiday, no school.

September 16-Conference Day; no school for the children

I am trying to schedule conferences on this day only. I will be sending you a link to sign up via email. Be looking for this communication from me today or tomorrow. Once you sign up for an available time, that time disappears from the list. I would like to meet with all my families, so please try to come. If none of the available times work for you, please email me and let me know so we can find an alternative meeting time. I could also conference over the phone if you can't come here.


Our new words have Long o, u, with a silent e.

doze, nose, use, rose, pole, close,cute, woke, mule, rode, role, tune,

Challenge words: wrote, ice cube

This new list is on Spelling City.


Story: Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin (genre-humorous fiction) and A Swallow and a Spider (genre-fable)

This week's story is one of my favorites. There are other books similar to this one called Diary of a Worm and Diary of a Fly. The children can take an AR test on this story from our book after we have read it three times. If your child likes Diary of Spider, then try the other two books as well. We have them in the school library.

Target Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Author and Illustrator Tool: Personification

New Vocabulary Words: insects, dangerous, scare, sticky, rotten, screaming, breeze, judge

High Frequency Words: by, cheer, could, hello, hundred, mind, play, read, see, today

Grammar: What is a Noun?

Writing: Narrative Writing: True Story

Important AR Information: I am sending a list home in the Take Home Folder today of the titles of books your child has previously taken an AR test for. Please refer to the list so he or she does not try to take the test again.


Our story this week is about Jesus performing his first miracle by turning water to wine in Cana at a wedding feast. Discussion will emphasize why Jesus performed miracles. (The answer is so he could show that He is who He says He is, which is God's son. People will begin to follow him and listen to him when they see God working through Him.)

Our Bible verse is John 2: 11

Next week Preview: We are in charge of announcements in the mornings with Mrs. Brasel and we will have a special part in Chapel on September 9th. You may want to plan to come to chapel at 7:50 next Wednesday.


Insects versus Spiders

We will talk about the differences and similarities of these bugs.

Social Studies

American Symbols-Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol, Flag, and other U.S. Symbols and memorials in Washington D.C.