Red Sea Coral Reef

Zakira Abimbola

About the Red Sea Coral Reef

The Red Sea offers some of the best diving in the World year round. In fact, the Red Sea in Egypt has become the scuba diving School of Europe, with inexpensive all inclusive packages.

Why the Red Sea

Egypt has many advantages when choosing where to dive

  • Great for beginner Scuba divers as well as experienced divers
  • Amazing historical wrecks like the world famous Thistlegorm
  • Great tourist infrastructures
  • cultural sites to visits
  • Year round scuba diving and snorkelling destination

Where to Stay?

Accommodation in Egypt is mostly resorts and large hotels. There are very few people visiting Egypt on their own and the majority come via all inclusive packages where the resort is already chosen. It is hard to find budget accommodation for backpackers. However, Dahab is the exception and most of the travellers come here without any pre-booked tours and you can find many guesthouses and cheap hostels to stay.

Heath and Safty

There are no mandatory vaccinations for Egypt. To prevent any stomach problems, drink only bottled water and avoid ice creams, ice and eat only peeled fruits and vegetables.

How to get to the Red Sea?

The best way to reach Egypt is by plane from Europe. There are many companies serving Egypt’s main destinations. The cost of the flight is generally included in the all inclusive holyday package. The main international airports to explore the Red Sea are the Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and the smaller airport or Marsa Alam.

What About Visa's and Passports?

You need an Entry Visa to enter Egypt. You can purchase it at the Sharm El Sheikh Airport or the Hurghada Airport or the Marsa Alam Airport for $25USD, which is valid for 40 days. However, if you stay in Sinai (Sharm, Dahab), there is a 14 day Sinai Permit that you get for free at the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport when you get out of the plane.

What to do/ Getting Around

Tourists generally don't travel by themselves throughout Egypt. However, you can take buses between the main cities or rent a taxi for a long ride. There are also ferrys running between a few cities.

Once you are in your city, you can either use Taxis or Mini Vans to get around. Be careful as taxi drivers tend to fool tourists and overprice the rides. So always bargain before or ask to use the meter before jumping in the taxi. Mini Vans, which are mostly used by Egyptians, are much cheaper but you have to know where you are going.