Using My Personal Device

in Mr. Wohlmuth's Class

The Guidelines: How Technology Benefits Learning

The following poster provides important information for personal use of technology in the classroom. The use of any device is only good as the person using it... so read carefully.

Communicate, Cooperate Collaborate and Participate

The personal device can be a powerful tool to talk to fellow classmates. Email, Twitter, Video Conferencing using Skype or Virtual School (VIA) are great options to voice options and organize ideas.

Rights and Restrictions

Respect others and their opinions.

Do not share personal information to any strange outside the school (name, address, phone number, age or location)

Understand the Law... there are consequences.


The school is a place where understanding differences, being courteous and polite to others is an important part of education. This extends to the virtual world as well.

Supporting Differences

The school environment promote students of all abilities. Some students require devices for general communication, note taking, talk to speak and other assistive programs. These tools are powerful and necessary tools for success in the classroom.


The internet has become the greatest accessible information network in the world. The access to government agencies, online journals, encyclopaedias, news articles, YouTube and many other sources provides students with a vast perspective and understand of the world we live. Use a critical eye when identifying sources... good luck.