Anti Reconstruction Poster

by Laura Wilkinson

Reconstruction and Carpetbaggers in Texas

The Reconstruction Era was back in the mid 1800's. During this time Texas really hated everything that was changing, like the African American freedom rules. Texas was given a new Republican governor who had a lot of power, which Texas wasn't too used to. Then there were also the 'carpetbaggers'. Texans had pretty brainless reasons to dislike these people. Carpetbaggers are people that came to the South from the North, because of this Southern Democrats would say that they were dishonest adventurers and would refuse to trust them. They would also hate them since carpetbaggers are from the North and much of the South hated Yankees.

Redeemers and Democrats

I completely disagree with the actions of the Democrats during the Reconstruction. They were self-absorbed and did not think about the feelings of the African Americans. They should of been doing their own work, not forcing another to do it for them. I also dislike how horribly African Americans were treated even after they got their freedom rights. Life was just utterly unfair for them back then.