Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

The main characters in this book are Jacob, Alex, and Mela. Jacob Gutgel is an eight year old Jewish boy who was living in the Ghetto in the middle of World War ll. His aunt sent him to Alex and Mela Roslan to take care of him and keep him safe. Alex gives Jacob a new name which is Genyek. Alex and Mela are the parents of two children, Yurek and Marishka, and become the parents of Jacob (Genyek). Alex is very caring and only wants the best for Jacob. Mela has second thoughts about keeping Jacob but realizes she loves him like her own son and wants the best for him.


Jacob's Rescue occurred around 1942 during World War ll. In the beginning, it took place in the Ghetto where Jacob lived with his Aunt Hannah and grandmother. Later on when Alex and Mela took Jacob in, it occurred in Poland where they lived. The connection of this book is World War ll and how people had to live in secrecy from who they actually were. Also how if you were Jewish you were automatically killed and didn't have a choice or a say in anything. The Nazi's would kill anyone that got in there way, Jewish or not.


The Roslan's earned the Righteous Among Nations Award because of all they did for a boy they had never met. The Roslan's took Jacob into there home when he needed help the most. They risked there lives to save one Jewish life but not only did they take in Jacob but also his two little brothers, David and Sholom. Sholom passed away after he got really sick but without the Roslan's help he wouldn't have made it as long as he did. David survived and continued living with Jacob and the Roslans. They had offered the brothers care, food, and a family all because they wanted to help. Alex and Mela wanted Jacob (and David) to be protected and safe from the Nazi's and they succeed. The Roslan's deserved this award because of there bravery and courage to save lives.


"As Sholom picked at the sandwich, Jacob felt an impulse to hug him again, keep him close, the way his brother held the little bear."

This quote means Jacob and Sholom are finally back together. Jacob thought he would never see his little brother again. I feel that this gives the boys hope of seeing the rest of there family even though they know they won't. Jacob and Sholom can now have something to be happy about and won't feel so alone anymore.

Reflection of the book

This book, Jacob's Rescue, was a great book. It taught about the lifestyle of Jews and how they were innocent people being killed for there religion. Jacob didn't deserve anything that he went through and didn't understand why he had to completely change his life. It wasn't fair for children who had no say in anything or know what was going on. Unfortunately, there weren't many people like Alex and Mela who understood it was wrong and wanted to make a change. The importance of this book was how the Roslan's risked there lives to save an innocent Jew boy. Everyone knew it was wrong to treat the Jew's like they had been treated, but no one did anything to help like Alex and Mela did.