Jan. 13th - Jan. 17th

The 3rd Grade Scoop


This week we will be reviewing force and motion along with taking an assessment on what we have learned this 9 weeks. We will also discuss what does being healthy really mean?


Math W.O.W is each

We will be diving deeper into division and division concepts as well as continuing to work on multiplication. We will also be reviewing concepts we have learned so far in the year such as rounding, regrouping, estimation, and comparing numbers.

NOTE: We will be starting math homework this week. Your child will be given the math sheet in their homework folder every Monday and they will need to return their homework folder with the homework completed every Friday. This is a participation grade and a way for me to make sure they are continuing to practice math skills throughout the year. Please fill free to help your student if needed, but please allow them to do the work on their own.

Thank you!

Reading and Language Arts

We will be completing middle-of-the-year language arts assessments for fluency, spelling, and writing. We will also review the writing process (brainstorm, first draft, revise, edit, publish).

In grammar, we will work on the correct spelling of plural nouns and learn how to write possessive nouns.

What are we reading?

3E is reading Wonder, a heartwarming Bluebonnet Award winning story.

3C is reading The One and Only Ivan (I told learners that it was against the law to go through school and not have this book read aloud to them. Ha!)

Social Studies

In social studies, we will examine different types of maps such as political and physical maps. We will also be practicing how to use a legend to answer questions about maps.

Mark Your Calendars

January 20th: Holiday-No School

January 24th: Report cards go home

January 25th: School Carnival from 9:00am-3:00pm

What should may learner be doing at home?

Please pick between these resources and complete 3-4 nights a week for practice at home. Also, completing their math sheet, which is due on Friday.

Math Resources:


Think Through Math

Reading Resources:


Read books at home

Thank you for supporting us with this!

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