A Global Gathering of Lesson Study Practitioners on TWITTER

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Lesson Study Day on Twitter

May 8, 2015 where ever you are celebrate Lesson Study Day by Tweeting thoughts, ideas, events, and resources about Lesson Study. Use #lessonstudyday

Why this global gathering? To celebrate lesson study and increase our Professional Learning Networks (PLN) specifically for lesson study.

How did this idea come about? After facilitating Twitter chats on lesson study there became more and more global interest. The challenge of time zones always made it difficult to determine a time convenient for most. That's when the idea came! One day for lesson study and one place to come together #lessonstudyday

Twitter set up click here

All the basics of Twitter are here and how to get set up.

Please join us!

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37 locations and growing. Retweet and/or share this flyer to spread the word!
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