Motivated Healthy Students Can!

Beeee on the MOVE

Ms. M's Physical Education Class

We've been on the move in PE

Buzzing around the gym busy as a bee

Active because we're moving around

Heart rate up it's a pumping sound

Jumping and hopping we know how to do

We can hop off one foot and jump off two

Skipping one foot is squishing the bug

Followed by a frog step off the rug

Soccer skills we already know

Dribbling and trapping we can show

Body awareness while we move in general space

Fast or medium effort depending on the pace!


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class trophies

Each class can earn a sticker for their class trophy during gym class. Students must be demonstrating CHAMP behavior during class to receive the sticker.

1 Grade: Mrs. Edward's class has earned TWO stickers great job! Mrs. Kober's class has earned ONE sticker.

2 Grade: Mrs. Lindley's class has earned ONE sticker

Kindergarten: Keep working to get a sticker for you class trophy!

2 Stickers earned = 5 minute Dance Party

4 Stickers earned = 10 minutes to roll or flip on mats

5 Stickers earned = 20 minutes free choice: Soccer, basketball, and jump rope.

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Ms. Ms's Mighty owls expectations

I can be positive.

I can listen and follow directions.

I can say kind words.

I be a good teammate.

I can try MY BEST!

We learn many exciting things during PE class. We learn new ways to keep ourselves active. 60 minutes are in an hour and we need 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Students are reminded every PE class the importance of teamwork and saying kind words to others. Every PE class I choose 1-5 CHAMPs they receive a champ award. These students demonstrate my expectations the whole PE class time and most importantly they try their best and encourage others.

What's going on in PE this month? DECEMBER

Dec. 1st- Dec. 5th SOUTH Students are reminded that it is WOK week Words Of Kindness at SOUTH. Make a habit of saying genuine kind things to others.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the HIGH FIVE club Friday Dec. 5th.

To all of Ms. M's Mighty OWLS lets be sure to own our behavior, make wise choices, and to live with a positive attitude.

What are we doing in PE Class?


Introduction to volleyball and volleyball skills.

Students will progress individual bump and set skills to cooperating and working in a group.

Students will use lead up activities to learn basic skills and challenge their own skill level.