Staying in-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary School The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • weekly work
  • Art Show Flyer

  • 2/14 Valentine's Day
  • 2/15 Early Release @ 11:40
  • 2/16 Spring Pictures

Book Clubs

Ask you reader about his or her book club experience! We have had a great time pushing ourselves into deeper conversations about what we are reading. Our focus question has been: What do I have to say about the text based on what I read?

This may seem like a simple question, but it focuses us to consider our OWN thinking and not just recall what we read. This question forces us to move beyond who, what, when, where, and why.

This question allows us to make inferences and focus on elements like:

  • theme
  • characters & relationships
  • plot (setting, story mountain, conflict)
  • word choice
  • author's purpose (why)
  • author's techniques/craft (how)

Environmental Fair

Awards & Recognitions

1st Place Award: Sam Roma, Ellie Stewart, Bryson Jackson- “Deadly Polluters

2nd Place Award: Shanijah Heyward, Irish Reedy- “What Grows Best?”

3rd Place Award: Malachi Smith, Zachery Vowles- “Weed Killer”

Honorable Mention: Lola Gantt, Aidan Blair, Taylor Moore-“What’s in Your Food?”

Honorable Mention: Peyton Tapp, Derek Smith, Savannah Hartley-“Idle Police”

Honorable Mention-Tiana Glover, KiKi Diggs, Davion Thompson-“Stop Oil Pollution!”

Honorable Mention-Kason Anderson, Lucas Catron-“All About Bees”

Honorable Mention-Brandon Hook, Raheem Martinez-“Permable vs. Impermeable”

Honorable Mention-Jaylen Downing, Nicori Brown, Morgan Turner- “Homemade vs. Store-Bought Pizza”

Head Judge Award-Tierra Scott, Aidan Shaw-Williams, Kaleb Tucker “Fishy Fertilizer”

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Lexington County Landfill Field Study

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