Tiger Woods

By Maria


When Tiger was 5 he got on a Digest magazine and on ABC that's incredible. Tiger has hit 48 over 9 holes at the Navy Golf club in Cypress, California. I wonder how hard he tried. But he must have worked really hard to do that! I think that's so cool! Did you know Tigers real name is Eldrick. If you don't belive me got to this website www.infoplease.com

Inportant info

Tiger is 40 years old. His birthday is December 30th 1975. Guess what he is 6'1" (1.85cm). His children are Charlie Axle and Sam Alexis. His wife is Elin Nordegern. Don't you just love their names. He has a family of four including him.

Growing up

When Tiger was growing up his dad was in the army but he was home most of the time. His father had married before and had three kids. He had taken him to the golfing areas all over town. As he was growing up he got on magazines. For more info go to kidzworld.com


I fi could do in interfew with Tiger I would ask these for him to anwser. What was it like growing up? When did you know you loved golf? What is your favert hit?