Winning The War

Danielle Campise

Nick Vujicic and Noah Galloway

Nick Vujicic is a 32 year old Australian man who was born without limbs. He had no arms and no legs. Through all the struggles and adversities Nick has been able to things that no one thought he would ever do. He can skateboard, write, walk, swim, stand up, and so much more. He now is a motivational speaker and goes to schools and events to talk about his struggles and how he has overcome them all.

Noah Galaway is a 33 year old man who lost his left arm and left leg when he was in war with Iraq when he was an army soldier. It took a very long time for Noah to adjust to his new body and he went through a long depression right after. He struggled a lot through his life after the loss of his limbs and after all the sadness and regret, Noah got back up and if he hadn't done that then he wouldn't be here today. He was on season 20 of "Dancing With The Stars" and made it to the finals.

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Jimmy Valvano

Jimmy V.

James Valvano was an American college basketball player, coach, and broadcaster. He was born in New York on March 10, 1946. He was diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma, a type of cancer, in June 1992. His hair didn't fall off when he did chemotherepy for cancer but he was truly suffering. In March 1993, 8 weeks before his death, Jimmy gave a speech at the first ESPY Awards, presented by ESPN. During his speech he announced the creation of The V Foundation of Cancer Research, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer, and it's motto "Don't Give Up...Don't Ever Give Up."
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Homer P. Figg

Homer Figg is a boy from Maine and he has no parents and one older brother. Their guardian is their abusive uncle and one day Homer's older brother, Harold, defended Homer against their uncle and he got so mad at Harold that their uncle made Harold a soldier to fight in the Battle of Gettysburg underage. This book talks about Homer's adventure to save Harold and all the adversities he had face.
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If at First you don't Succeed...

Maxcy Filer was 36 years old when he first took a bar exam. Unfortunately he did not pass the exam. A little later he took the same exam again. Like before, he didn't succeed. He kept trying for 24 years and every time, he couldn't pass the exam. When he was 61 years old, 25 years later, he took the exam again. He then passed the exam. All his family members threw him a big celebration for him and his accomplishment. This story proves that if at first you don't succeed, you should always try again. No matter how long it takes you.