The Rhinoceros

By Jacob Janzen ☺

General Information

  • The rhinoceros's scientific name is Rhinocerotidae
  • The white Rhinoceros can run up to a speed of 50 kph!
  • The rhinoceros's average weight is 2,100 kg, and a newborn baby weighs 30-40kg
  • The lifespan of a Black Rhinoceros is 35-50yrs, and the White Rhino's lifespan is 40-50yrs

Endangered Species

There are different types of species of the rhinoceros, or more commonly known as the rhino: The White Rhino, The Black Rhino, The Sumatran Rhino, The Javan Rhino & The Greater One-Horned Rhino. All of these species are endangered, meaning that they are at serious risk of extinction. The Javan rhino is the most endangered of them all, with only 35-45 left in the whole world! The least endangered species is the White rhino, with approximately 20,405 left in the world. That is still a small amount. All of the 5 species of rhinos are classified as extict.