Current Event

Bring a digital spin on an old assignment!

Current Event Challenge

1. Find an online article that you would use for a classroom lesson.

2. Use the digital resource of your choice to create a Google Document, Google Slide, Google Drawing, Smore, Tackk, Prezi, etc.

You must include the following items on your page:

1. Link to the online article

2. Warm up questions about the article to promote discussion

3. Video clip (if applicable)

4. Picture(s) - At least one

5. Critical Thinking Questions to promote reflection

**Scroll down for submission directions!**


Lesson Plan Example

Five years later, what were the effects of the BP oil spill?

Click HERE to access the news article! This will include a description AND video clip to explain the event.

Take time to talk about the BP oil spill, the 'clean up' and after effects of the spill.

Warm Up Questions: (Discuss before video clip)

1.) What do you already know about the BP oil spill?

2.) What happens with a foreign substance, like oil, is introduced into a natural habitat?

Critical Thinking Questions: (Discuss after video clip)

1.) How did BP address the spill after it happened?

2.) What can governments do to help prevent similar incidents from happening in the future?


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How to you get your badge?

Submission Directions:

1. Complete your Current Event page using the digital resource of your choice!

2. 'Copy' the link to your Current Event digital resource.

3. Click on the 'Current Event Badge' button.

4. 'Paste' the link into the Google Form.


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