Forest Fires

By : Bryce Kocken

Forest Fires

According to forest fires aren’t usually caused by nature, 4 out of 5 forest fires are started by people. So that means that people have to watch out for fire hazards and factors of fires. The three key components of a fire are fuel, oxygen and a heat source. Every year there is around 100,000 forest fires which clear around 4 to 5 million acres of land ( Wildfires Cold, Dry, and Windy). Out of the fifty states Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, Oregon and California are the most common states to experience a dangerous forest fire. Forest Fires often start when it is dry a there is a drought, a fuel source, winds and a heat source. Forest fires can cause terrible disasters.

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That was a video of forest fires and it shows you how destructive they can be!