August 2015 Summary

HHS School Counseling Department

New Students enrolled by month

11 June

15 August

3 September

*Counselors meet with these students and families. We look at graduation requirements, what courses students are transferring in with and what they need to graduate with their grade level. We also answer questions and give information about extracurricular activities.

Freshman Day

August 4th The School Counselors hosted Freshman Day- 202 of 243 Freshman were present. (83% of Class of 2019)

Students were broken into small groups lead by HHS Ambassador Leaders. In these groups they went on tours, learned about the procedures of HHS, and participated in ice-breaker activities to get to know each other. Over 40 Ambassadors helped manage the event.

Schedule Changes before classes started

Counselors met with 51 total students on August 7th for schedule changes.

18%- 9th graders

39%- 10th graders

20%- 11th graders

23%- 12th graders

Senior College Presentations

Counselors presented to 12 different Senior english sections about college applications and career planning in late August. The purpose was to make sure students were working on their college applications to ensure they met early deadlines for scholarship applications.

384 Students Total

* Total number of Sign-in's from August 12th -31st

% by grade level

16%- 9th graders

15%- 10th graders

24%- 11th graders

45%- 12th graders

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Why students came in:

42%- Schedule changes or concerns

32%- Personal reasons

26%- College and Career Help

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