Be a talented basketball player

through the help of RUH Youth Sports Foundation

Games and sports have an important role to play in our lives. They not help us get entertainment in a healthy way but also teach us the values of discipline, team work sportsmanship and cooperation. We also learn to accept defeat politely and prepare for the new game or the next challenge with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Besides this the health benefits they accrue simply can not be overemphasized. Thus it is very important for each and every person to like games and sports according to one’s nature and taste and temperament. Sports foundation play an important role in teaching children and young people learn their favorite games and groom them in a holistic way to be sport stars.

The RUH Youth Sports Foundation is a nonprofit organization which has been committed to help under-privileged children in Texas in United States get the much needed training and sports coaching. The Sports foundation allows entry of young boys and girls aged 8 to 16 years who form a part of kids basketball leagues and are coached by student athletes and alumni from Rice University and the University of Houston. The main aim is to promote hard work and inspire learningamong the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ in a safe, fun environment.

Teams are formed according to the age group and gender of children and they are coached in a holistic way for competing in 5-on-5 and 3-on-3 basketball tournaments. These tournaments are held all around Texas in cities including Houston, Galveston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. Interested Parents or guardians of children can make donations and register their wards’ names for the tryout which takes place in the Mid-late February. The basketball summer leagues tournament season runs until late August with an awards ceremony each season.

Several basketball teams are formed according to the number of players that tryout for a particular age group. No coed teams are formed. There are 15 players in Team Rosters in which 5 are starters, 7 backups and 3 are reserve players. For 5-on-5 there is a 12 player travel roster, and for 3-on-3 there is a 4 player travel roster, with a second 4 player travel roster at the coach's discretion. Reserve players may be developmental talent or talented players that can move up to the traveling (competing) roster by challenging a backup or starting player.Team fees vary from season to season and are nonrefundable without any exception. Sean Ramey being the head coach is assisted by a team of coaches that include Dina Abdelsamad, Reem Moussa, Megan Palmer, Jessica Kuster, Phil McNeal, Margarita (Maggie) Gomez, Leonard (Leo) Pralour and others. Young boys and girls can prepare for ymca basketball league and thus get entry into the league that will help them learn skills for a lifetime andcarve a niche for them in the sports. For more information and services feel free to visit us online at