By Dalan Dean

The two types of winds

There are two types of wind they are local and global winds. Wind is a visible natural movement of the air, especially in the form of a current of air blowing from one particular direction. Local winds are all winds from gentle breezes to raging hurricanes. Global winds are winds that blow from the poles, in which they act as heating transfer systems. Global winds are due to the unequal heating of the Earths surface. Two examples of local winds are sea and land breezes. Two examples of global winds are prevailing westerlies and polar easterlies. Global winds are caused by convection currents on a large scale. Local are caused by convection currents on tiny scales.

Land and sea breezes

The differences between sea and land breezes are land is warmer in the day. Land is colder during the night. The sea is colder during the day.The sea during the night is warmer. Some similarities are they're both local winds. They are both convection currents. Time to wrap things up. I'll leave you with the pictures down below.