Hooray for Holiday Success!!!!

Dot Divas Stella & Dot Team

Holiday season... in review!

Way to go ladies...what an amazing holiday season!! Each and everyday I am so impressed and inspired by the women on this team. For me, Stella & Dot is so much more then just a business. I enjoy our coaching calls and connecting with you ladies. Please don't hesitate to text, email, or call me and I am happy to work with you to achieve your goals. What are your 2014 goals? ....Let's set our goals high...The sky is the limit!!! :)

Please note: In starting my team facebook page, I really appreciate the activity and support. Please try to post on Dot Divas page FIRST with questions etc. I really want us to become a "team" and for that to happen I need everyones support. If you read something and like what you have read, please make sure to hit the "like" button or comment. We want to share and support all team members and that will entail comments and activity on the page. Thank you for your support. No matter if you are a hobbiest, part time, or full time stylist... everyones effort counts! :)xo

Danika Prister - #1 IN SALES(October) ...2nd month in the BIZ!!!!!!

Here are some tips from Danika on how she had such an awesome October!

"I really believe in paper invites. I had one show that was one of my highest in attendance. I will be coaching my hostesses to shoot for bigger attendance in the future"

Way to go ROCKSTAR!


Here are some tips from Corinna "I feel the key to my success is making the most of what I had. Spending more individual time styling each shopper to make sure we had taken care of all their needs and wants. Since it was November most people had not done their Christmas shopping yet so the field was open to who they could buy for and with all the amazing products we have to offer we can hit a wide range of ladies. Picking a favorite product and being excited about it also helped drive my business. this holiday season I chose to highlight our jewelry rolls, because I honestly feel nobody out there has a product comparable!!! It fits a perfect price range and any lady can use one."

Top in Sales! (December)

Kristen Makins $3,493.81

1. Corinna LaHiff $2,984.79

2. Rachael Goldman $2,149.45

3. Dana Rumsey $1,848.30

4. Jennifer Kim $1,788.34

5. Jennifer Corr $1,405.43

6. Aleksandra Palmer $1,357.75

7. Danielle Currie $1,133.50

8. CYNDI PEREZ $950.83

9. Danika Prister $856.30

10. Marissa Youngs $839.82

Rolling in the Dough....Extra 5% Commission! (December)

Kristen Makins $3,493.81

Corinna LaHiff $2,984.79

FREE Business Supplies! Sold $500+ (December)

Rachael Goldman $2,149.45

Dana Rumsey $1,848.30

Jennifer Kim $1,788.34

Jennifer Corr $1,405.43

Aleksandra Palmer $1,357.75

Danielle Currie $1,133.50


Danika Prister $856.30

Marissa Youngs $839.82

Julia Parks $825.64

Robin Peruggia$812.00

Alyssa Pinnock$754.12

Kathryn Gorman$750.70

Brooklyn Brusse $740.05

amy darby $733.54

melissa waters$669.45

Audra Gilman $596.33

Amy Stanis $586.60

Meganne Arens $561.84

Elizabeth Charboneau $547.96

Desiree Power $506.50

Wrap Up the Season Earners

Level 5

Kristen Makins

Level 3

Corinna LaHiff

Level 2

Jennifer Corr

Danielle Currie

Danika Prister

Level 1

Cindi Perez

Marissa Youngs

Amy Stanis

Aleksandra Palmer

Julia Parks

Kate Gorman

Audra Gilman

Dana Rumsey

Robin Peruggia

Elizabeth Charbeneau

Amy Darby

Michelle Baiocco

Kelly Maximiuk

Melissa Kelley

Jen Kim

It's a New Year, New Goals, New Dreams = Endless Possibilities

So many wonderful things to be excited about!!!!! Who wants to make this year the best yet!!! After being at Directors Retreat I am so inspired by all of the amazing achievements and possibilities that Stella & Dot has to offer. I am here to support you ALL. Let's do this girls.


1. Please look through the lounge at all of the new improvements. Many to do with Dottie to make follow up a TON easier and save you a lot of time. There is also a Jumpstart Trainer and it will be a great tool for anyone you sponsor. What an easy way to help them start off their business with a bang… step by step for you and for them!

2. Sponsor, sponsor, SPONSOR.....If you are ever considering more commission now is the time to do it!!!! A new stylist can sign up for $199 and will get $450 in product instead of $350. I challenge ALL of you to sign up 1 person in January. Just wait til you see the benefits.:) Remember, recommend that new stylists book 2 shows within their first 30 days and 4-6 within their first 60 days. You want them to get as much free product as possible so they start strong with their business! :)

3. Jumpstart for all!!! WAHOOOOO Free product and COLD HARD CASH!!!!! Please get familiar with this program. We are all eligible to utilize all of the jumpstart incentives through March 9th. Let's make the most of it!!!!