Conflict and Crisis

By Sagnik, Ben, Leah, Karan, and Shim Mi

All the Broken Pieces by Ann E. Burg

In our seventh period L.A. class, we read All the Broken Pieces by Ann E. Burg in our literature circle. All the Broken Pieces was set during the Vietnam War in America. The book was about a boy named Matt who was adopted by an American family. Matt struggled to get comfortable living with his new family and on top of that, kids at school bullied him because of his race. He and his baseball team learned to work together, going through hardships, and winning their games.

Family Conflicts


Conflicts that relates to adoption:
  • It could cause separation between the family members.
  • Secrets can cause communication problems with anyone not just family.
  • It could make life hard if they keep secrets.

Solutions for the conflicts:

  • As a family, y'all could talk about your day.
  • You can start off talking about small things then you'll feel more comfortable to talk about anything with your family.
  • If you have a problem and it bothers you tell a parent or sibling so that they could help.


Conflicts that relates to adoption:
  • Parents stressed
  • The adopted child feels like they don't belong
  • The adopted child will want to know about their past

Solutions for the conflicts:

  • Parents ask them how the child feels and acts concerned towards them
  • Parents could treat them as their own child
  • Parents have a heart to heart talk to them about how they love them and about their past


Conflicts that relates to war:
  • You could lose someone due to war
  • You could miss them if they're at war
  • It could bring you guilt for not being there

Solutions for the conflicts:

  • If you lose someone, you could pay respects and realize the good things they did.
  • You could write to them if you miss them.
  • If you have guilt, you could volunteer at events that supports the troops.