CSA ~ September 9, 2021


Pick-Up Thursdays Between 4-7pm


September 9, 16, 23



September 16

If you find you can't make it during normal pick up time, please let us know and we can

arrange a Friday visit. If you aren't feeling well, we can bring your share out to your car.

Just give us a call at 330-549-9408.

In This Week's Share

Swiss Chard




Butternut Squash

Yellow Squash

Acorn Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers (Jalapeno & Dragon Toe)

Assorted Decorative Gourds

Bonus Items ~ Choose One: Brussels Sprouts, Rhubarb, Yellow Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Ground Cherries, Yellow Beans

Number of crops ready and amount of harvest of a given crop will vary throughout the season. We will provide at least six items each week. If we have any crop issues, we will supplement with produce from other local farms. Some weeks will include value added items, such as Jungle Jam, Zucchini Bread, Basil Pesto, or even seasonal fruit from other farms.

Tips & Recipes


This has been a year of abundant tomatillos for sure! Someone mentioned last week that they couldn't make one more tomatillo salsa, so I was glad I had put in some interesting recipes, like that sorbet. Now I wonder if anyone tried it! I found some more unusual, summery ideas this week that I hope might tempt your taste buds. Why not make the summer season last longer by continuing to enjoy some cool, refreshing dishes?

Make summer last even longer...freeze your tomatillos!


Last week, our friend Tom shared a recipe for a tomato and feta cheese sauce that sounded easy and beyond amazing. All you have to do is bake the cheese, tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil, cook some pasta, then mash up the tomato and cheese mixture to make sauce and, boom, dinner! Thanks for sharing your brilliant use of tomatoes, Tom! I have included a link below with details as well as some other easy, flavorful tomato treats.

Butternut Squash

Maybe you are done with summer and are ready for pumpkin spice, shorter days, and cozy sweaters. (I am! Yay for fall!!) Bring on fall! This squash soup recipe will warm you up on the chilliest fall day!

Kale & Swiss Chard

You can feel especially healthy after eating your leafy greens! Enjoy them together in a salad or try cooking them into a pot of soup.

Hot Peppers ~ Jalapeno & Dragon Toe

For some of us, a little bit of spice goes a long way. If that's true for you, check out these useful tips on how to make your hot peppers a bit less hot. The other link has some great ideas for preserving peppers so you can enjoy the taste of a hot summer on a freezing day in January!

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are believed to originate from the city which gave them their name - Brussels, Belgium, where records trace them back to the 13th century. They were introduced to North America by 18th century French settlers in Louisiana. I know some people that wish they had stayed in Europe...but if cooked right, they can be pretty tasty! In my house, we actually like them raw in salads, in coleslaw, or even as a little snack by themselves. Peeling off the individual leaves makes them so much fun to eat.


Many folks have cut back...or stopped...traveling over the last two years. If you are dreaming of doing some globe trotting, we have the recipe to help you take a journey to the British Isles while remaining at home. Whip up these scones, brew some English Breakfast or maybe Earl Grey, and sit down to an afternoon tea.

Ground Cherries

These delicious little fruits are my favorite thing I've learned about while working at Goodness Grows. They're supposed to make great jam and I enjoyed a piece of pie once that a friend had made. But, honestly, I never do anything with these little guys except peel and eat them! Yum!

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