SDW World Languages Update

September 4, 2015


Sara Heitzinger-Poss is teaching German at eAchieve.

Jody Boyd is teaching Spanish at both eAchieve and at Horning Middle School--Jody returns to SDW after a couple years being out of the District, so a welcome back is due!

We are fortunate to have them both to strengthen our team!

Please extend a welcome to both and share resources accordingly as you’d do with other teammates.

Calling All Level 1 French & Spanish Teachers

We will use the AAPPL assessment this year with WL students in Level 1 French and Spanish. I briefly shared this during the May 22 meeting last spring and with the Level 1 curriculum team. Last year, we used it to help determine proficiency for placement with ELL students, Dual Language MS students, Pre-AP Spanish students, and three AP Spanish Language & Culture students. It is a predictive indicator for achievement on the AP Language exam.

Additional information forthcoming soon on logistics.

Who: 10 students (teacher-selected) in level 1 French and level 1 Spanish from each school What: Interpretive Listening, Interpretive Reading and Presentational Writing.

Frequency: Twice a year, once for a 'baseline' and another nearing the end of the school year in April.

Why: The purpose of these assessments is to have multiple forms of data that we can use to chart goals for student achievement, and also as we analyze student work and our instruction using our own new IPA assessments. Core areas utilize Aspire, MAP, ACT, etc. for data discussions. *Think of AAPPL as our standardized assessment for World Languages.

World Languages 2015 AP Exam Data

Sixteen students from the 4 SDW High Schools took an AP Language & Culture exam (Spanish-15, French-1). The average score in Spanish was just over 4.0 (5 being the highest one can earn on the AP exam). The student who took the exam in French earned a 3. Approximately 94% of those who took a WL AP exam scored 3 or better! In most cases, to earn college credit, students must earn a 3, 4 or 5 on the exam. It is the expectation that World Languages students are prepared, that they take and that they achieve high on the AP exam, not just because they now must do so in order to earn weighted credit, but because of the valid accomplishment that comes from scoring well on a rigorous national exam. This year, we will begin seeing higher numbers of students in AP who are not in Grade 12; making the credit option of AP come alive for these students is real. It is a team effort on the part of all of us, including teachers, leaders, counselors, and me to prepare students to achieve at such high levels.

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#30DaysWL Voluntary Challenge

It’s easy to become extremely busy right at the beginning of the year. But, if you want, I challenge you to share 1 positive, awe-inspiring thing that happened in one of your classes. It’s nice to have a record of all celebratory moments. You/I can use the #30DaysWL on Twitter to share positive snippets this first month of school. Don’t worry if you aren’t on Twitter. Send to me and I will post on your behalf. Again, this is 100% voluntary. It’d be great to have one for each day this month shared out on Twitter! Here’s one I shared out from one of our new teachers:

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Introducing Google Classroom!

We now have Google Classroom in SDW! If you aren't sure what it is or how it will work with Bb9 (Blackboard), familiarize yourself with the two video tutorials below, shared out by our SDW Tech Integration team via their Google Classroom playlist

Classroom 101
Google Classroom: Using BOTH Blackboard and Google Classroom